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Garotas sem Rumo was released in the year 2005。Garotas sem Rumo is also called as Havoc, Perturbadas, Kaos

In Los Angeles, Allison Lang is a bored girl from an upper class dysfunctional family that acts and dresses like a slut. Her wealthy boyfriend and friends are totally influenced by the hip-hop culture, behaving like rappers, dressing and imitating their lifestyle. When they decide to drive to East L.A. for fun, they meet a Latin gang of drug-dealers and Allison and her best friend Emily become fascinated with their "gangsta" lifestyle. Later they return to the ghetto to visit and excite Hector and his friends, expecting to join their 16th Street gang. When the guys propose them to have sex as a form of initiation, they change their mind, leading to a tragic consequence.

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