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Gattopardo, Il(1963) Images

Gattopardo, Il was released in the year 1963。Gattopardo, Il is also called as Tij, Tiikerikissa, The Leopard, Luipaard, Leoparden, Leopardalis tis Sikelias, Guépard, A Párduc, Leopardo, Leopard, Gatopardo

Sicily in the 1800s. Prince Salina, a great landowner, has to watch the decrease of his power and influence after 'Il Risorgimento', the unification of Italy. The upper classes try to ignore the nationalist movements and the prince is uncertain of his own feelings.

Gattopardo, Il Actors and Actresses

Gattopardo, Il actors and actresses include Alain Delon, Burt Lancaster, Terence Hill

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