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Gegenteil von Sex was released in the year 1998。Gegenteil von Sex is also called as The Opposite of Sex, The Opposite of Sex - L'esatto contrario del ses, The Opposite of Sex - Das Gegenteil von Sex, Sexe et autres complications, Pasmat sekaisin, Oposto do Sexo, Oposto de Sexo, Lo opuesto al sexo, Envers du sex

A 16 year old Louisiana girl (Christina Ricci) moves in with her homosexual half-brother (Martin Donovan) and immediately starts coming on to his sexual partner (Ivan Sergei), finally forcing him into an affair in which she becomes pregnant. The whole affair blows into a scandal exposing her school teacher brother and the true parent of the child is called into question as it is revealed that there have been a series of lovers.

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