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Going Ape!(1981) Images

Going Ape! was released in the year 1981。Going Ape! is also called as Voy a volverme mico, Que Rica Herança, Bananas E Milhões, Gangster und Millionen, Affen

When his father - who owned a circus - dies, Oscar inherits 5 million dollars - and 3 orang outangs. However there's a condition connected to the money: if he gives away the apes or just one gets sick or dies during the next 3 years, the zoologic society will get all the money. So he not only has to deal with 3 apes and an annoyed girlfriend, but also with a greedy zoologic society's president.

Going Ape! Actors and Actresses

Going Ape! actors and actresses include Danny DeVito, Hamilton Mitchell, Tony Danza

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