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Going Down (2003/I) is also called as Going Down, 3 Hours

The party never ends in this college comedy of errors! It's the day after a big blow out college party Jack Earnest and his buddy Travis wake to a trashed house, and the discovery that two of their friends are dead. To make matters worse, Jacks parents have just called and announced that they are coming home early from their vacation and need to be picked up from the airport in 3 hours. Jack and Travis need to get rid of the dead bodies and clean up the house before Jacks parents get home. Their plans are foiled when two girls they both like, Laurie and Jamie, arrive unannounced and ready to party. To make matters worse, instead of getting the girls and the bodies out of the house, more and more people keep showing up. No matter what Jack does, the party just doesn't stop.

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