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Gone to Earth(1950) Images

Gone to Earth was released in the year 1950。Gone to Earth is also called as Coração Indômito, Corazón indomito, Lumottu veri, Schwarze Füchsin, Villebråd, Volpe, Zigeunerblod, Renarde

Hazel Woodus is a beautiful but innocent country girl who loves all the creatures around her, especially her pet fox cub. She is given a rough time by her father but can escape to run barefoot through the woods when her harsh life gets too much for her. It is there that she is found by the local squire, Jack Reddin, finds her and is struck by her beauty. The obvious conflict develops when the squire leads the local hunt and tries to kill Hazel's pet fox. The title "Gone to Earth" is taken from the huntsmans cry when the target is no longer obtainable.

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