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Gra w klasy was released in the year 1980。Gra w klasy is also called as Hopscotch, Jeux d'espions, Hopscotch - Der Aussteiger, Espião Trapalhão, Enredo para dos, Due sotto il divano, Bluff Poker - Ein Schlitzohr packt aus, Agentenpoker, Agenten som pratade för mycket

Ex-CIA agent Kendig decides to get back into 'the game' by sending his memoirs, chapter by chapter, to the world's intellegence agencies. Realizing that their operations would be compromised, the CIA (led by Myerson and Cutter) set out to put an end to Kendig's plan by whatever means necessary. The heart of the movie follows a game of cat and mouse between a fumbling CIA and an artful Kendig.

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