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Gran robo de auto was released in the year 1977。Gran robo de auto is also called as Grand Theft Auto, Suuri autopuhallus, Massacre dos Bólides, Loca escapada a Las Vegas, Lâchez les bolides, Highway 101 - Vollgas bis die Fetzen fliegen, Blåst till tusen, Attenti a quella pazza Rolls Royce

Paula Powers, daughter of wealthy gubernatorial candidate Bigby Powers, decides to reject her parents' attempt at matchmaking and run off to Vegas to marry her sweetheart, Sam Freeman. As they drive away in a stolen Rolls-Royce, spurned suitor Collins Hedgeworth follows behind in hot pursuit, along with a cadre of goons hoping to get the $25,000 reward that's been offered for Paula's return. Can the young lovers make it to Vegas for a quickie wedding before the forces of conformity and privilege arrive to put a stop to their romance?

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