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Grease was released in the year 1978。Grease is also called as Vaselina, Grease - Schmiere, Grease - Nos tempos da Brilhantina, Grease - Brillantina, Brillantine

What, you haven't seen it? Danny is the 'coolest' of the T Birds, a group of High School guys, they hang out with the Pink Ladies. Danny met Sandy during the summer holiday and now she's moved to the area and to his school, Rydell High. Sandy doesn't fit in with the 'cool' scene, and the Pink ladies, "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee, Blessed with my virginity" sings Rizzo, the Pink Ladies leader. A rival gang Scorpians want to race the T Birds car ("Go Greased Lightening ..."). Also there's a National Dance TV show coming to Rydall High ... There are a couple of rival suitors to Sandy and Danny, to liven the relationship up. And 'oh yes' - Graduation.

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