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Green Card was released in the year 1990。Green Card is also called as Carte verte, Casamento por Conveniência, Gifta på låtsas, Carte verde, Green Card - Scheinehe mit Hindernissen, Green card - matrimonio di convenienza, Green Card - Passaporte para o Amor

George Faure is a Frenchman who has been offered a job in the U.S. But in order to get the job he must obtain a work permit - green card, and the easiest way is to marry an American. Bronte Parrish is a New Yorker who is a keen horticulturist and just found the perfect flat with its own greenhouse. Unfortunately the flat is for married couples only. A marriage of convenience seems the ideal solution to both problems. To convince the immigration officers they are married for love, they must move in with each other. As the mismatched couple attempt to cope with life together, they start to fall in love.

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