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"Grounded for Life" was released in the year 2001。"Grounded for Life" is also called as Keine Gnade für Dad, Freaky Finnertys, Familietrøbbel, Parents à tout prix

Irish Catholic couple Sean and Claudia Finnerty live in Staten Island, New York, with their three children, Lily, Jimmy, and Henry. They get into all sorts of trouble, usually because of Sean's brother, Eddie, who's got connections all over town. Sean and Eddie's father, Walt, often drops by and shares in the disaster. Most adventures are later recalled and they find out exactly what happened, like when the family car was supposedly stolen or when Sean's credit card was mysteriously maxed out, and even when Sean causes a blackout on Super Bowl Sunday. All this and more, and because Sean and Claudia were young and carefree when they got married and had kids, they are now grounded for life, so to speak.

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