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Haine, La was released in the year 1995。Haine, La is also called as Protest'o - Nefret, Nienawisc, Medan vi faller, Hatet, Hate, Haat, A Gyülölet, Ódio

Filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz emerged in 1995 as the writer and director of "La Haine," or "Hate." The film follows three young men and their time spent in the French suburban "ghetto," over a span of twenty-four hours. Vinz, a Jew, Saïd, an Arab, and Hubert, a black boxer, have grown up in these French suburbs where high levels of diversity coupled with the racist and oppressive police force have raised tensions to a critical breaking point. During the riots that took place a night before, a police officer lost his handgun in the ensuing madness, only to leave it for Vinz to find. Now, with a newfound means to gain the respect he deserves, Vinz vows to kill a cop if his friend Abdel dies in the hospital, due the beating he received while in police custody.

Haine, La Actors and Actresses

Haine, La actors and actresses include Karin Viard, Saïd Taghmaoui, Vincent Cassel

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