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Handfull pund för Donegal(1966) Images

Handfull pund för Donegal was released in the year 1966。Handfull pund för Donegal is also called as The Fighting Prince of Donegal, Principe di Donegal, Kapinallisten kuningas, König der Rebellen, Donegal

Ireland 1587. Hugh O'Donnell inherits the title of The O'Donnell, the prince of Donegal, and tries to unite Ireland to make war on England. But then Hugh is kidnapped and imprisoned by the Viceroy of Ireland and held ransom for the Clans' good behavior. Hugh must escape prison and the Viceroy's villainous henchman, Captain Leeds, before he can fight.

Handfull pund för Donegal Actors and Actresses

Handfull pund för Donegal actors and actresses include Donal McCann, Maurice Roëves

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