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Hands of the Ripper(1971) Images

Hands of the Ripper was released in the year 1971。Hands of the Ripper is also called as Manos del destripador, Hände voller Blut, Fille de Jack l'éventreur, Blodiga händerna, Artigli dello squartatore

The infant daughter of Jack the Ripper is witness to the brutal murder of her mother by her father. Fifteen years later she is a troubled young woman who is seemingly possessed by the spirit of her father. While in a trance she continues his murderous killing spree but has no recollection of the events afterwards. A sympathetic psychiatrist takes her in and is convinced he can cure her condition. Soon, however, he regrets his decision.

Hands of the Ripper Actors and Actresses

Hands of the Ripper actors and actresses include Margaret Rawlings

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