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Hannah and Her Sisters was released in the year 1986。Hannah and Her Sisters is also called as Hannah i jej s, Hannah et ses soeurs, Hannah e le sue sorelle, Hannah e Suas Irmãs, Hannah és növérei, Hana a její sestry, Ana e as Suas Irmãs, Hannah y sus hermanas, Hannah und ihre Schwestern

During a Thanksgiving Day party we make aquaintance with a numerous and problematic family. The leading characters are three sisters: Lee, the woman of Frederick, an old misanthrope painter; Holly, who dreams of becoming a writer, or an actress, or who knows who...; Hannah, famous actress, beautiful, intelligent, good mother, good wife, good sister, in short perfect, the pivot of the family. The balance begins to break up when Hannah's husband, Elliot, falls in love with Lee, who leaves Frederick. Holly goes through a deep crisis and meets Mickey, the former husband of Hannah, a hipocondriac TV producer. The affairs evolve and at the last Thanksgiving ...

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