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Hardware(1990) Images

Hardware was released in the year 1990。Hardware is also called as Metallo letale, Mark 13 - tarkoitettu tappamaan, Mark 13 - ohjelmoitu tappamaan, M.A.R.K. 13 - Hardware, M.A.R.K. 13, programado para matar, Genetic Warrior

A wandering soldier finds a robot head in the post-apocalyptic desert. He brings it back to his girlfriend for use in one of her sculptures. He investigates the origin of the head, and discovers it's from the Mark 13 project, canceled because of unreliability. His girlfriend, nay, society at large become endangered when the robot puts itself back together using the parts she has for her sculptures.

Hardware Actors and Actresses

Hardware actors and actresses include Dylan McDermott, Iggy Pop, William Hootkins

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