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Harry un ami qui veut du bien was released in the year 2000。Harry un ami qui veut du bien is also called as Harry Is Here to Help, Harry meint es gut mit dir, Harry un amico vero, He's Here to Help, en ven i nøden, um Amigo Ao Seu Dispor, un amico che ti vuole bene, en vän som vill dig väl

On a hot day in a highway gas station men's room, a man Michel doesn't recognize says they went to school together. He's Harry. He suggests they have a drink, so he and his girlfriend follow Michel and his family to their summer place. Michel is amazed when Harry quotes from memory a poem Michel wrote in school. Harry thinks Michel is a great writer, and he's distressed that Michel hasn't written in years. Harry stays awhile (since his father's death, he's a man of leisure) and sets out to eliminate distractions that might keep Michel from writing. First he buys Michel a car (with air conditioning) and then suspicious things happen. Michel picks up a pen, Harry is gratified, but he's not finished being Michel's self-appointed patron.

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