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Heißer Strand Acapulco was released in the year 1964。Heißer Strand Acapulco is also called as Love Has Many Faces (1965/I), Strani amori, Strandraggare i Acapulco, Rakkauden monet kasvot, Mil caras tiene el amor

Rich playgirl Kit Jordan (nee Katherine Lawson Chandler) is in Acapulco vacationing with her current husband, Pete Jordan, formerly an American beach boy working the Acapulco shores for rich women. Meanwhile, the body of one of Pete's fellow beach boys, Billy Andrews, washes to shore. On his wrist is a bracelet engraved with "Love is thin ice." The police investigate whether it was murder or suicide. Conflict arises when Billy's old girlfriend, Carol, makes a play for Pete, and beach boy Hank tries to score with Kit, and the stability of the marriage is put to the test.

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