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Hi-Riders(1978) Images

Hi-Riders was released in the year 1978。Hi-Riders is also called as Kumi käryää asfaltilla, Hi-Riders - kuminkäryä asfaltilla, Hi Riders - Jungs laßt die Fetzen fliegen

A couple scam a Hi-Rider out of some cash during a drag race, and when he refuses to pay, they track him down to the gang's hideout. Lucky for them the leader is a good, reasonable guy, and the couple start hanging out with the gang. However, after a fatal collision of the son of the "big man in town" during a race, the gang has to fight for their lives against the man's legion of hillbillies.

Hi-Riders Actors and Actresses

Hi-Riders actors and actresses include Candy Castillo, Darby Hinton

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