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High School Musical 2 was released in the year 2007。High School Musical 2 is also called as High School Musical 2: Sing It All or Nothing!

Jealous of the attention Troy and Gabriella's newfound talents have received; Ryan and Sharpay set out to restore the 'natural balance' of life. Their plan: break up Troy and Gabriella, so they will not want to be in the spotlight. In an attempt to break the two up, Sharpay fakes drowning at the pool, which means that lifeguard Troy has to give her mouth to mouth. At the same time, Ryan makes Gabriella think that Troy is cheating on her with Sharpay. There will be a completion at a Country Club. Will Troy and Gabriella end up back together and sing at the completion or will Sharpay and Troy be feeling the start of something new?

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