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High Spirits was released in the year 1988。High Spirits is also called as Snacka om spöken, Malucos e Libertinos, Hotel de los fantasmas, High spirits - fantasmi da legare, High Spirits - Die Geister sind willig!, Haamuhotelli, Dum veselych duchu

When Peter Plunkett's Irish castle turned hotel is about to be repossesed, he decides to spice up the attraction a bit for the 'Yanks' by having his staff pretend to haunt the castle. The trouble begins when a busload of American tourists arrive - along with some real ghosts. Among the tourists are married couple Jack and Sharon. Sharon's father holds the mortgage on Castle Plunkett, so she's hoping to debunk the ghosts. Jack, on the other hand, after meeting pretty ghost Mary, is very eager to believe. Can there be love between a human and ghost? Jack and Mary are going to try and find out.

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