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Hill 16(2005) Images

Hill 16 was released in the year 2005。

Set in suburban Dublin, Hill 16 tells the story of Dublin teenager Niall, who is living under a strict curfew from his parents, due to summer of gang warfare. Niall withdraws, but his love of art and football fail to relieve the boredom as his friends enjoy the trappings of teenage life: relationships, image building, girls, etc. He befriends Cel, an attractive teacher from the local school. He tries his utmost to conceal his relationship with the older woman from his friends. But then events take a sudden turn. A major crackdown on the drug gangs in the area creates an atmosphere of paranoia among Niall's circle of friends - and with the arrival of his older cousin, Joe, throws Niall's world upside down, leading him to plan out the deadliest of outcomes.

Hill 16 Actors and Actresses

Hill 16 actors and actresses include Damien Hannaway, Gerry Wade, Sandra Gildea

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