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Højt spil i kingsmont(1950) Images

Højt spil i kingsmont was released in the year 1950。Højt spil i kingsmont is also called as Bright Leaf, Semillas de venganza, Roi du tabac, Rey del tabaco, Palavaa kultaa, Fumos da Ambição, Foglie d'oro, Brinnande guld, Zwischen zwei Frauen

Once, magnate Major Singleton ran the Royles out of the Kingsmont tobacco country for daring to make lowly cigarettes. Now in 1894, Brant Royle, last of his name, is back. Forceful and macho, Brant intends to re-establish his family no matter what it takes. Two lovely women have waited for him: bordello keeper Sonia, with love; Singleton's daughter Margaret, with hatred and desire. As automation rears its head, the struggle attains an epic quality. Will Royle Cigarettes flood the market? Will Brant pick the wrong woman?

Højt spil i kingsmont Actors and Actresses

Højt spil i kingsmont actors and actresses include Lauren Bacall, Patricia Neal

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