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Holtan érkezett(1950) Images

Holtan érkezett was released in the year 1950。Holtan érkezett is also called as D.O.A., Mort à l'arrivée, Lysande gift, Kuollut saapuessaan, Due ore ancora, Død ved ankomsten, Con las horas contadas, Opfer der Unterwelt

Small-town accountant Frank Bigelow goes to San Francisco for a week's fun prior to settling down with fiancée Paula. After a night on the town, he wakes up with more than just a hangover; doctors tell him he's been given a "luminous toxin" with no antidote and has, at most, a week to live! Not knowing who did it or why, Bigelow embarks on a frantic odyssey to find his own murderer.

Holtan érkezett Actors and Actresses

Holtan érkezett actors and actresses include Edmond O'Brien, Hugh O'Brian, Jerry Paris

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