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Home delivery: Servicio a domicilio(2005) Images

Home delivery: Servicio a domicilio was released in the year 2005。

Jennytown, on the island of Deer, Maine, is a sleepy provincial town. Life in this coastal place will be savagely affected by the arrival of a plague that infects the whole planet: the dead are rising from their tombs and devouring the living. Zombies have invaded earth. Maddie, a young woman incapable of making her own decisions, lives a placid and grey existence alongside her husband Jack, an illiterate and brutal lobster fisherman. Due to a terrible accident at sea, the mariner will die, swallowed by the waves. But the plague which runs rampant throughout Earth will also affect Jack, who will return from the dead and rise from his watery grave to visit his beloved wife.

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