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Horas de Desespero was released in the year 1990。Horas de Desespero is also called as Desperate Hours, Skr&#, Ore disperate, Godziny rozpaczy, Epätoivon tunnit, A Noite do Desespero, 37 horas desesperadas, Maison des otages, 24 Stunden in seiner Gewalt

Michael Bosworth is a psychotic criminal who is about to go on trial however, he seduces his lawyer into helping him escape. But as they try to make their getaway, she's left behind. He decides to wait for her to come to him, so he decides to hide at the house of the Cornells. Now it appears that the Cornells have problems of their own. The husband and wife are separated. And there's an FBI agent after them who is using the lawyer to lead them to Bosworth.

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