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How to Beat the High Co$t of Living was released in the year 1980。How to Beat the High Co$t of Living is also called as Cash Machine, Jak poslubic milionera, Jak przezwyciezyc wysokie kszty utrzymania, Superkeikka, Zahltag im Supermarkt

Oregon, 1980: Jane, Elaine and Louise are all feeling the effects of inflation and cannot afford, as the title states, the high cost of living. Jane cannot afford a babysitter or get married and if she wants privacy with her boyfriend, she has to she has to sleep in the car. Even worse, her war veteran father comes to live with her to turn her life upside down. Louise lives a happy life with her dentist husband, Albert. She runs an antique shop on the side, but since it doesn't take in any profit, the IRS considers it a hobby. She needs to come up with the money to keep it going, or she will be trouble with the IRS. Elaine's husband has left her for another woman and without any money. She is in a constant struggle with banks, power companies, and gas stations. She needs money to get by and also catches the eye of police officer Jack. The local mall is having a contest that features a giant money ball that states it will help fight the inflation. Elaine comes up with a plan to steal the money out of it and spilt it three ways with Jane and Louise. Of course, one catastrophe after another tries to keep them from acheiving their goal.

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