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I Know What You Need(2005) Images

I Know What You Need was released in the year 2005。

When Elizabeth Rogan met Edward Jackson Hamner, Jr., she thought it was an answer to her prayers. He helped her pass her psychology final and saved her scholarship just in time for her to leave on summer vacation with her boyfriend Tony Lombard. During that summer vacation, everything changed. After Tony died in a horrible accident at work, Elizabeth thought her life was over. That was when Edward stepped back into her life. The more time she spent with Edward, the more she realized that maybe he was the answer to her prayers. Edward always seemed to know exactly what she needed. Room mate, Alice does not believe that Edward is being completely honest with Elizabeth and hires a private investigator to look into Edward's past. What he finds proves that nothing is ever as it seems.

I Know What You Need Actors and Actresses

I Know What You Need actors and actresses include Adam Hale, Megan Harwick

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