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I Love a Man in Uniform was released in the year 1993。I Love a Man in Uniform is also called as A Man in Uniform, Amo los uniformes, Harter Mann in Uniform, Tappava rooli, Uomo in uniforme

Henry Adler lives in Ontario by himself, regularly visits his gruff and critical father, and works in a bank; he's also an actor. He finds new purpose in life when he's cast as a cop in a realistic TV show. He gets into the part, borrowing the uniform from wardrobe, and walking around the city streets. Soon he's talking to bank customers as if he's a cop; this gets him in trouble with his boss, but Henry doesn't care. He falls for one of the actresses, Charlie, and they practice together. Henry's quirks and his intensity creep her out, though, and she breaks off all contact. He's desolate. Things come to a head when one of LA's finest mistakes Henry for a real cop.

I Love a Man in Uniform Actors and Actresses

I Love a Man in Uniform actors and actresses include Daniel MacIvor, Henry Czerny

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