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I Wake Up Screaming(1941) Images

I Wake Up Screaming was released in the year 1941。I Wake Up Screaming is also called as Situazione pericolosa, Silmukka kiristyy, Qui a tué Vicky Lynn?, Me despierto gritando, ¿Quién mató a Vicky?, Hot Spot

Promoter Frankie Christopher, being grilled by police in the murder of model Vicky Lynn, recalls in flashback: First meeting her as a waitress, Frankie decides to parlay her beauty into social acceptance and a lucrative career. He succeeds only too well: she's on the eve of deserting him for Hollywood...when someone kills her. Now Frankie gets the feeling that Inspector Ed Cornell is determined to pin the killing on him and only him. He's right. And the only one he can turn to for help is Jill, the victim's sister, who's been cool toward him...

I Wake Up Screaming Actors and Actresses

I Wake Up Screaming actors and actresses include Betty Grable, Carole Landis, Victor Mature

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