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Iedereen beroemd! was released in the year 2000。Iedereen beroemd! is also called as Fama Para Todos, Everybody's Famous!, Everybody Famous, Assolutamente famosi, Quiero ser famosa, Jeder ist ein Star

Jean is a family man and factory worker who dreams of becoming a songwriter. Pinning his hopes on his teenage daughter, Marva, he takes her to singing contests in which the awkward and overweight girl struggles to belt out a tune. When Jean is suddenly fired because of cut backs, he is ashamed and even more desperate to have his daughter succeed. In a chance meeting Jean kidnaps the most famous pop star in the country and holds her hostage demanding to be heard by the music industry. Catching the attention of the media and the eyes of the nation, Jean and Marva realize that the show must go on until everyone is famous.

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