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il poliziotto privato was released in the year 1975。il poliziotto privato is also called as Farewell, My Lovely, Verenpunainen yö, Adio iubito!, Adieu ma jolie, Último dos Valentões, Fahr zur Hölle, muñeca

This, the second adaptation of Raymond Chandler's novel, is much closer to the source text than the original - Murder, My Sweet (1944), which tended to avoid some of the sleazier parts of the plot - but still concerns private eye Philip Marlowe's attempts to locate Velma, a former dancer at a seedy nightclub and the girlfriend of Moose Malloy, a petty criminal just out of prison. Marlowe finds that once he has taken the case, events conspire to put him in dangerous situations, and he is forced to follow a confusing trail of untruths and double-crosses before he is able to locate Velma.

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