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Iloiset hullut was released in the year 1996。Iloiset hullut is also called as Cosi, Pazzi per Mozart, Idioternas afton, Glade vanvid, Adorable locura, Adorable bogeria, A Escola dos Amantes

Louis is a young Sydney amateur theater director at his first experience: he is offered a job with a Governmental program for the rehabilitation of mentally ill patients in a Sydney institution for mentally ill. His project is overrun by one of the patients Roy who wants to put on stage Cosi Fan Tutte (Mozart). None of the patients in the cast is able to sing and none of them knowsItalian which is the language of the libretto. Through a lot of difficulties Louis and his cast develop a deep understanding. The play smartly adapted for the unusual cast is finally produced: lots of unforeseen situations solved 'a la crazy way'but indeed brilliantly. Great success and sad farewell of the director from his cast.

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