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Immortal Sergeant(1943) Images

Immortal Sergeant was released in the year 1943。Immortal Sergeant is also called as Kuolematon kersantti, Odödlige sergeanten, Aventure en Libye, Sergente immortale, Udødelige sergeant, Sargento inmortal

Out on patrol in the war-time desert a Canadian corporal reminisces about the woman he has left behind in London and ponders whether she will fall for the charms of his rival in love. At the same time he worries about how he would get on with his outfit if his crack sergeant was not there to guide him. Circumstances combine to give answers to both questions.

Immortal Sergeant Actors and Actresses

Immortal Sergeant actors and actresses include Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford

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