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In God We Tru$t(1980) Images

In God We Tru$t was released in the year 1980。In God We Tru$t is also called as Voi Herran pieksut, Vi litar på gud, In God We Trust, Hábito no hace al monje, Gimme That Prime Time Religion, Frate Ambrogio, Dreist und gottesfürchtig, Bible ne fait pas le moine

Raised in a Trappist monastery, the innocent Brother Ambrose (Feldman) sets out to find money to save the bankrupt monastery. His education in worldliness is provided by a hooker (Lassiter). He eventually petitions G.O.D. (voice of Pryor) for the cash.

In God We Tru$t Actors and Actresses

In God We Tru$t actors and actresses include Louise Lasser, Marty Feldman, Richard Pryor

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