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Incantesimo del lago was released in the year 1994。Incantesimo del lago is also called as The Swan Princess, Zwanenprinses, Schwanenprinzessin, Princesa encantada, Princesa cisne, Labedzia ksieznicznka, Joutsenprinsessa

As children, Princess Odette and Prince Derek hated the thought that someday they would be forced to marry. Yet, as they grew up, their looks as well as their feelings for each other changed. However, in one night everything goes wrong, Derek makes an insulting remark, and Odette vanishes. With everyone believing her dead, Derek is the only one who will not give up hope, using what little clues he has to track down whatever took the princess. Meanwhile, in a secluded ruin, an enchanter with an eye for Odette's kingdom has turned the beautiful maiden into a swan. She may only remain in her human form when moonlight touches the lake she's imprisoned beside. As the two search for one another, they learn what it takes to make a vow of love that can last eternity.

Incantesimo del lago Actors and Actresses

Incantesimo del lago actors and actresses include Adam Wylie, Jack Palance, John Cleese

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