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Interiors was released in the year 1978。Interiors is also called as Vívódások, Sisäkuvia, Intimidade, Intérieurs, Innenleben, Interiores

Writer/director Woody Allen pays homage to Ingmar Bergman in this family drama involving a fashionable Long Island interior designer (Geraldine Page) who tries to impose her overbearing, critical standards on her husband (E.G. Marshall) and her three grown daughters (Diane Keaton, Marybeth Hurt and Kristin Griffith). The film is a realistic look at the relationships among one artistically-oriented family; one daughter is a successful writer; the second is looking for an artistic outlet; and the third is an actress. The mother has been deserted by her husband, their father. She thinks and hopes they may reconcile, but she soon learns that he has other thoughts that circle about a new acquaintance (Maureen Stapleton), a woman who has had two husbands and is still lively.

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