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Into the Night (1985/I) was released in the year 1984。Into the Night (1985/I) is also called as Um Romance Muito Perigoso, Tutto in una notte, Trassel i natten, Série noire pour une nuit blanche, Yön selkään, Kopfüber in die Nacht, Cuando llega la noche, Ármány és szöke, Roman Layli

Ed Okin's life is somewhat out of control. He can't sleep, his wife betrays him and his job is dull. One night he starts to drive through Los Angeles and he finally ends in the parking garage of L.A. Airport. Moments later a beautiful young lady jumps onto his bonnet and he finds himself being chased by four Iranians. What follows is a wild chase through the streets of Los Angeles and a very funny one too.

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