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Isät ja jumalat was released in the year 1981。Isät ja jumalat is also called as The Chosen, Élu, Erwählten, Eletti

Two Jewish teenagers in 1940s New York meet as playground rivals. After injuring Reuven, Danny calls on him at home to apologize. Their wariness turns to fascination and close friendship as each discovers and admires the other's differences. Reuven is experienced, practical, and worldly-wise; while Danny is brilliant and mystical, incredibly erudite in some matters, but incredibly naive in others. To humble him, his father, an immigrant rabbi, has followed the stern tradition of raising him in silence. He thirsts for the wider knowledge represented by Reuven's environment; while Reuven is enraptured by Danny's close-knit family and synagogue community. But can their friendship survive the sharp differences between Danny's ultra Orthodoxy and Reuven's Modern Orthodox Judaism? Danny's people oppose the State of Israel as fanatically as Reuven and his father are working to create it. The issue threatens to make them enemies once again.

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