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Ivanhoe - musta ratsastaja(1952) Images

Ivanhoe - musta ratsastaja was released in the year 1952。Ivanhoe - musta ratsastaja is also called as Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe - den svarte riddaren, o Vingador do Rei, Ivanhoe - Der schwarze Ritter

In the centre of this Walter Scott classic fiction inspired film the chivalrousness and the daring stand. Ivanhoe, the disowned knight join to the bravehearted and high-minded Robin Hood, the valiant of Forest Sherwood. They want King Richard to rule the kingdom instead of evil Prince John.

Ivanhoe - musta ratsastaja Actors and Actresses

Ivanhoe - musta ratsastaja actors and actresses include Joan Fontaine

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