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Jadesoturi was released in the year 2006。Jadesoturi is also called as Yù wu shì, Jadekrigaren, Jade Warrior, Fotia kai pagos

Thousands of years ago in ancient China, a love struck sword hero fights against his destiny. He wants another chance to be reunited with his loved one and he gets that chance, in a far away place and a far away time, in the cold north, in modern Finland. Jade Warrior is set in ancient China early iron age and present day Finland. The past is feeding the story in present day, slowly revealing our warrior his real origin, his superior skills and his destiny. Jade Warrior - the first Finnish Kung Fu film - combines Finnish and Chinese mythologies into one film. Jade Warrior is an homage to Kung Fu genre strongly spiced with a truly original approach to Finnish national epic Kalevala. Like Kalevala Jade Warrior is a pure melodrama. A story of Kalevala´s greatest hero.

Jadesoturi Actors and Actresses

Jadesoturi actors and actresses include Jingchu Zhang, Markku Peltola

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