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Jailhouse Rock(1957) Images

Jailhouse Rock was released in the year 1957。Jailhouse Rock is also called as Prisionero del Rock and Roll, Delinquente del rock'n'roll, Gevangenis rock, Rock du bagne, Med knyttede næver, Prisioneiro do Rock and Roll, Jailhouse Rock - Rhythmus hinter Gittern

Vince Everett is serving a one-year jail sentence for manslaughter. While in the big house, his cellmate, a former country singer, introduces him to the record business. Everett takes to it so well that he decides to become a singer when he gets out. However, he is quickly disillusioned by the record business. But with the help of a new friend, he decides to form his own label, and soon becomes an overnight sensation. But when he becomes a superstar, will his desire for fame and money cause him to forget the people who got him there?

Jailhouse Rock Actors and Actresses

Jailhouse Rock actors and actresses include Elvis Presley

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