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Jerusalem(1996) Images

Jerusalem was released in the year 1996。Jerusalem is also called as Jeruzsálem, de Bille August

The beginning of the 20th century. Gertrud and Ingmar are in love with each other. While Ingmar is away during the winter, a religious wave spreads in the area. Also Gertrud becomes a follower of the new christian belief. The new priest is very mesmerizing and he wants his followers to emigrate with him to Palestine. Ingmar's sister decides to follow him and sells the home which has been the family's for centuries. The only way for Ingmar to save it is to marry the daughter of the man who buys it, Barbro. With Ingmar married to another, Gertrud cannot stay and follows the others to Palestine. However, Ingmar does not love Barbro. He is still in love with Gertrud and eventually follows her.

Jerusalem Actors and Actresses

Jerusalem actors and actresses include Maria Bonnevie, Olympia Dukakis

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