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Jesus Can't Skate was released in the year 2007。Jesus Can't Skate is also called as Jesus Cant Skate

Jesus Can't Skate was originally shot as an observational piece, taking a close and personal look at the glamorous and competitive world of roller and inline figure skating. However it soon became an intimate journey and diary of first time filmmaker/world champion skater Jayson Sutcliffe, and the quest of six athletes competing on the world stage, revealing the dynamics of this quirky and wonderful sport, just as 'Murderball' showed the world of wheelchair sports. With Circe Films (winner of '4' AFI Awards 2006) Producer 'Beth Frey' now in control of the production side of things on the Jesus project (joining forces in Sept '06), the film will now head in to a new stage of development following Sutcliffe's recent trip to Murcia, Spain; where he attended the 2006 World Championships and caught up with many of the characters already featured in the current version of the film, collecting more interviews and footage. With support already in place from Film Victoria in the way of a 'Mentorship' lead by Polly Watkins (Circe Films), Sutcliffe will be working side by side with them over the next months as they endeavor to bring 'Jesus Cant Skate' in to a new light focusing on the personal journey's of the highlighted characters. While Jesus has already been the receiver of the 'Audience Award' at the recent 'Australian International Film Festival', we look forward to the new challenge of taking the project to the next level in an effort to seeing its release in 2007.

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