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Jigokumon(1953) Images

Jigokumon was released in the year 1953。Jigokumon is also called as Puerta del infierno, Porte de l'enfer, Helvetin portti, Helvetets port, Höllentor, Gate of Hell, Amores de Samurai

In 1159, during an attempted coup, one of the court's ladies in waiting disguises herself as the lord's wife, and a loyal samurai conveys her from the city. This diversion allows the royal family to escape. After the coup fails, the samurai asks his lord to let him marry the woman as his reward. The lord grants the request and then discovers she is already married to one of the ruling family's lieges. The samurai clings to his desire, importuning her to leave her husband, then challenging the husband to release her. Although the husband stays calm and she stays faithful, the samurai remains intemperate and stubborn, with tragic consequences.

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