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Johnny Reno was released in the year 1966。Johnny Reno is also called as Toute la ville est coupable, Savuavat revolverit, Sheriff Johnny Reno

One of the thirteen low-budget westerns produced by A.C. Lyles in the sixties. The premise is a simple one: Sheriff Johnny Reno (Dana Andrews) is heading to a small town in order to see his one-time sweetheart Nona Williams (Jane Russell). On the way, he is set upon by two brothers who think he is after them. Forced to shoot one, he captures the other Joe Conners (Tom Drake) and brings him into town. His prisoner insists he is innocent of the crime the whole town wants him hanged for, and after hearing his story, will Andrews believe him?

Johnny Reno Actors and Actresses

Johnny Reno actors and actresses include Lon Chaney Jr.

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