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Jon E. Edwards Is in Love was released in the year 2003。

In the age of pre-packaged teeny-pop franchises like Britney Spears, O-Townand The Backstreet Boys, it's a tough go for the true iconoclast. Jon E. Edwards, self-proclaimed '"Number 3'" soul man in the world wantsto be 'International Soul Rocker Number One' - equal parts Frank Sinatra and Johnny Rotten, Jon is a self-styled crooner whose real talent lies in his belief in himself rather than in his singing ability. For Jon, fame is anelusive dream and show biz is a lifestyle that's got him by the throat.When Jon learns that his mother is given one month to live, he leaves hisNew York City apartment to take care of her in Los Angeles. With his life on hold,Jon struggles to find legitimacy as a soul man while at the same timeworrying about keeping his room clean so his mom will stay off his back.

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Jon E. Edwards Is in Love actors and actresses include Coati Mundi, David Boreanaz

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