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Juana la Loca was released in the year 2001。Juana la Loca is also called as a Louca, Locura de amor, Mad Love, Madness of Joan, Madness of Love, Giovanna la pazza, Joana, Evig kärlek

In 1496, Juana de Castilla, daughter of the Catholic Kings, travels to Flandes to marry the Archduke Felipe de Austria, known as 'El Hermoso' (The Handsome) and son of the emperor Maximiliano. Even though at the beginning this marriage obeys a political decision, later on passion and desire appear beneath the couple. Juana becomes queen of Spain when her mother and her older brothers die in 1504. However, due to the pressure of being queen and the discovery that her husband has many lovers, her mental health starts getting worse. Felipe, seeing his wife in these circumstances, makes the Burgos Court to declare the insanity of Juana and recludes her in the Monastry of Las Huelgas, proclaiming himself as the king.

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