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Jump Tomorrow was released in the year 2001。Jump Tomorrow is also called as Life: A User's Manual, Joel Hopkins Untitled, Huominen saa odottaa, Entrando de Cabeça

George, a passive and sometimes expressionless Nigerian, arrives at the Buffalo airport to meet the women his family has arranged for him to marry. He's late, she's gone on to Niagara Falls, so he has two days, traveling slowly and reluctantly, to get to the wedding. At the airport, he meets Alicia, a lively Latin, going with her boyfriend to see her family. George is smitten. Partly by happenstance, and partly by the designs of Gerard, a romantic and manic Frenchman George meets at the airport, his path crosses Alicia's a few times. As Gerard puts it, George should seize the chance to see what happens with Alicia - he can always jump tomorrow. Can George take on fate and custom?

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