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Jupiter Landing was released in the year 2005。

The six reclusive slackers who live in Jupiter Landing -- a run-down house that's been converted into an apartment complex -- are forced to unite when their landlord gives them a 30-day eviction notice. Nicki, a cub reporter who spends too much time on her job and not enough on her messed-up personal life, tries to organize the eclectic group to retaliate against the landlord. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much to work with. Tyson, a brooding bad-boy lawyer who keeps his distance from everyone, is content to spend his free time locked in his apartment getting stoned and watching porn. Bert, a former pro football player who unexpectedly abandoned the game at the height of his career, has a cheating wife (LaVonna) and a mysterious connection to Jupiter Landing that no one understands. Amber, a Gothic waif and part-time hair stylist, is afraid of her own shadow and barely comes out of her apartment to get her mail. And Catfish, the anti-hero, anti-establishment rebel whose twisted point of view through which we see the story, shows his disapproval of society by eating out of dumpsters and refusing to bathe. His favorite pastime is exchanging philosophies with the homeless guy who lives in the alley out back. When Tyson's past catches up with him, all the characters are thrown into a tailspin of emotional and moral confrontation they aren't prepared to handle. Each character has a secret they can't afford to reveal. Even the house has a secret -- one that ties the tenants together in a way they never expected.

Jupiter Landing Actors and Actresses

Jupiter Landing actors and actresses include Bryce Wagoner, Tod Huntington, Zack Van Eyck

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